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On this page I have put up some papers of mine and provided a list of my publications.

The first paper listed below was read at a philosophy conference held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio around 1988.

The second was read at the Krishnamurti Centennial Conference at the same place in 1995.

The third is an excerpt [the last two chapters] from my syllabus for Eastern Philosophy used at Monterey Peninsula College. It was written around 1988.

The fourth is an introduction I wrote in 1991 for U.G. Krishnamurti's book, No Way Out.

The fifth is my introduction to U.G. and his teaching published in Shanta Kelker's Sage and the Housewife.

 The sixth is a paper read at the Vedanta Conference held at the Miami University, Oxford Ohio, around 1990.

 The seventh is a paper I wrote for a seminar at Monterey Peninsula College on Artificial Intelligence taught by Vito Victor around 1989.

I have added items 17 and 18 below. They are translations of 1) The Autobiography of Gudipati Venkatachalam called Chalam and 2) a book by Gora called Atheism.

In item 19 below I have just added a paper of mine which I presented recently at the Vedanta Conference in Oxford, Ohio.

In Item 20 below I have added a link to my recent article "My Last Visit with UG" on my Blog Page.

In item 21 below I have just added my most recent article, "Living in the Present"


For other articles and notes on the Mind-Body Problem and the Problem of Other Minds and such, please visit my blog site:  Please feel free to comment on the papers via e-mail.


1. Making Sense of the Concepts of Universal Suffering and Liberation.
2. Science and Spirituality.
3. A Note on Meditation.
4. Introduction to U.G.'s No Way Out.
5. Pulling Yourself by the Bootstraps.
6. The Viability of Nonduality.
7. Self, Mind and Intentionality -- A Bit of Armchair Philosophy.
8. My Outline of Eastern Philosophy prepared in 1987 for my students at Monterey Peninsula College"
9. Problems of Self-Knowledge
--Dissertation submitted for the Ph. D. Degree at University of California Berkeley in 1972.
10. "Is Comparative Philosophy Possible?"--An essay written for the Oral Qualifying Examination for Ph. D. circa 1965.
11. "Warrior of Time." Poem read in Santa Cruz, California, on Vito Victor’s Sixtieth Birthday, May 3, 1997.
12. "Introduction to Larry Morris's Natural Man." Albuquerque. Hillside Community Church. 1993.
13. "Some Remarks on the Navya-Nyaya Definition of Vyapti."  Paper presented at a seminar on Indian Epistemology at the University of Oklahoma in the Summer of 1979.
14. Dialogue with Vito Victor on Eastern Philosophy: [Date Unknown, probably about 15 years ago.]
15. In Honor of Robert O'Brien:    Congratulations on his wedding in 1983 and Eulogy in 1988.
16. Staying Afloat Thoughts on the Self and Samsara.
17.Chalam: The Autobiography of Gudipati Venkatachalam Translated by me from the original Telugu.
18.Atheism by Gora: Translated by me from Telugu.
19. "Thought, the Natural State and the Body: Deconstruction of Spirituality in U.G. Krishnamurti" -- Paper presented On September 21, 2007 at the 17th International Congress of Vedanta at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
20. "My Last Visit with UG": Article published on my Blog Page and UG's web pages [see below for links].

21, "Living_in_the_Present"



For Copyright reasons, I cannot include published material here.  But here is a list of my publications: [If you want a copy of any reprints of my papers, please e-mail me, and if I have a copy I will send it to you.]

1) "A Modern Hindu Approach to Ethics." Published in Religion and Society, Bulletin of the Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society, Vol. VII, Nos. 3 & 4, Bangalore, India. 1960. This paper was also read at a Colloquium organized by the Institute and National Christian Council of India, at Nagpur, India.

2) "Indian Philosophy at the Crossroads." Published in Indian Philosophy: Past and Future.  Edited by S. S. Rama Rao, Pappu and R. Puligandla. Delhi.  Motilal Barsidass.  1982.

3) "Fragmentation, Meditation, and Transformation: The Teachings of J. Krishnamurti." Published in the Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Volume V, Number 2, January-April 1988.

4)  "Radhakrishnan on Buddha's Silence."  Published in Radhakrishnan--Centenary Volume, Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1989.

5)  Sudha [Nectar]. --Contemporary Telugu Poetry by Chalam.  Translation of Chalam's Book of poetry with the same name in Telugu.  Co-translators: Elliot Roberts, Sowris Pramoda and Julie Wellings.  Delhi. Motilal Banarsidass/UNESCO. 1990.

6)  Selected Verses of Vemana. Translated from the Telugu with Elliot Roberts.  Delhi. Sahitya Akademi. 1995.

7) "Murty's Conception of Philosophy." Published in The Philosophy of K. Satchidananda Murty. Edited by Sibajiban Bhattacharya and Ashok Vohra. Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi. 1995.

8) "The Viability of Nonduality": Published in Studies in Vedanta, Edited by P. George Victor and V.V.S.Saibaba, D.K.Printworld (P) Ltd., New Delhi, 2005.

9) Being Yourself: Essays on UG Krishnamurti and Related Topics: Self-Published. 2014. Paperback and Kindle versions available at A older version of the same called Being is available  for free download in pdf form at: Download File




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